Our Value-Add

Technology Innovation

To manage constant-changing regulations, scarce regulatory and compliance talents and businesses shifting into the fast-paced electronic services, Regtech will inevitably be vital to allow businesses to reduce compliance costs and enhance its risk management ability, driving competitive advantage.
We collaborate with Fintech and Regtech firms and introduce and advise our clients on new technology solutions to meet their business needs.


Level of service can be tailor-made according to your needs and instead of hiring a full team of compliance and legal staff, outsourcing allows flexibility with support level varying depending on the progress of your business. Furthermore, legal and compliance staff with the relevant experience and right set of skills may be difficult and costly to hire.

Reduce Regulatory Risks
Expert support and advisory provide you the necessary know-how and market practice and ensure you comply with the latest regulatory requirements, proactively preventing and mitigating regulatory risks as well as, in challenging times, managing such risks and liaising with regulators.
In-house Development
Assist you in (1) expanding in-house legal and compliance team when the new business reaches momentum and requires a permanent team / staff, assist you in screening candidates and provide training to such new staff and (2) expansion of licensed staff from the business side by providing expert advisory on licensing applications. Compliance training may also be offered.
Addressing the Setup Challenges

Using outside help that have setup experience, such as licensing matters, standard legal documents and policies and procedures, you can focus your resources on building and growing your new business venture. Instead of hiring legal and compliance staff which may take months due to under supply of talents, our team can support you in laying the foundations from the outset, working together with you in developing your business.

Professionals Ecosystem

As a boutique firm, we don’t claim to know everything. However, we continuously build amazing professional network to help our clients grow in different jurisdictions and in all facets of their business.

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