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Depending on budget, resources and time scales, we can assist, draft or review the relevant individual or corporate application process, including the business plan or the individual’s CVs (as the case may be), relevant forms and other supporting documentation. We can also advise or handle the regulator’s enquiries leading up to the approval of relevant licensing applications.

We provide advisory support to maintain ongoing compliance, such as filing notifications to the regulators, provide updates on regulatory changes and review and advise on correspondences with regulators. Ongoing training to both new and existing staff is also critical to maintain compliance. We can work with your company to design affordable online training programs or provide on site training, as necessary.

Effective risk assessment helps you allocate resources more effectively when managing regulatory and compliance risks. On a risk-based approach, we assist you in evaluating your company’s current situation and advise and design appropriate compliance policies, processes and controls that are in line with your business model. Where appropriate, RegTechs would be recommended for more streamlined and automated approach.
We also support our clients in setting up compliance programs, from tailor-making a set of suitable policies and procedures with appropriate controls, to implementing respective systems (as necessary) and finally providing training to staff to ensure smooth implementation.

Conducting assessment of your firm’s current compliance policies, processes and controls against the latest regulatory requirements and market practice to help identify any regulatory gaps, weaknesses or deficiencies and remediate timely so that timely recommendation could be deployed  to avoid fines, criminal sanctions or reputational damage.

Effective project management and/or regulatory liaison helps to achieve results and save costs and time, such requires both skill and experiences that our team possesses. Our team has relevant skills, knowledge and experience to support you in driving projects, such as building a new business line, planning a major restructuring of the business and legal entities and managing a regulator onsite inspection.

 We help clients to create competitive advantage by identifying new technology solutions, assist in the procurement and/or implementation of the system resulting in process optimization, cost savings or enhancing customer experiences by making services more efficient.

We provide a suite of online courses to meet the relevant Continuous Professional Training (“CPT”) requirements and to allow users to work at their own schedule, saving time and cost. We also provide services to our clients to tailor-make online courses according to their needs and purposes.

  • Sale / purchase of licensed corporations, money lenders etc.
  • Conduct due diligence review
  • Fund formation or product advisory
  • Coordinate or assist in the setup of companies, bank accounts and corporate governance framework
  • Preparation and/or review of business standard documentation
  • Customer complaint handling and advisory
  • Recruitment of responsible officer or other key roles (Employment Agency License: 57531)

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Reactivation of Type 4, 6, and 9 Regulated Activities SFC Licensed Corporation

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